I do not have got a website before. Actually, I have never been in need of a website up to now. Maybe after graduation, knowing how to create a website will stand me in good stead. So it was good to learn how I could create a website. 

   Weebly is a good website to create our own sites. Also, it is quite easy to use. We should just drag and drop while we are creating our websites. I think, it looks like ”Prezi”. Weebly reminded me Prezi. 

   I can create a website to inform the parents of my students onwards. 



I think podcasts are very useful tools. Also podcasts can be used for different aims and in different areas. They can bu used for educational aim, of course. Podcasts are found eaisly, as well.

  Podcasts can be used in the classroom. We can use it in our lesson as a material. In this lessons, podcasts give opportunity to the students for being active in the classroom. Especially for auditory students, podcasts are very useful resources. It is  another advantage of podcasts that it is portable.It provides access to authentic listening sources.

Some students can think that understanding a podcast is quite difficult; for this reason there are scripts about the content of the audio file in order to make comprehension easier. We have to use them if it is necessary. I think we should be careful if we want to use podcasts in our lesson. We should know learning styles of our students and their levels, as well

  Using Nicenet in our country is not possible I think. Maybe it can be use in universities. As I understood it is an alternative for dokeos and edmodo. But edmodo is my favourite. Its usage is quite easy and clear. I didn’t like Dokeos because it was very confusing for me. I think Edmodo is the best among of them.

  I have known and used Prezi before. I really like it. Although its usage is not as easy as  Powerpoint, it is more enjoyful and attractive. We can create more attractive  and interesting presentations by using Prezi. Also, Prezi requires creativity a little. So you can create magical presentations. It requires high speed internet connection, as well. Otherwise we will be faced with  internet outage and it is a disadvantage. Apart from that preparing a presentation by using Prezi and watching a presentation which makes using Prezi are quite enjoyable I think.


”Hot Potatoes” is very useful software for us. It gives us opportunity for preparing quizzes, matching activities, cloze tests. Creating quizzes is quite easy by using this program. Usage of the software is not difficult, as well. Also , it gives opportunity for saving time and it is an advantage for me. Of course, I can use it during my teaching life.

   Honestly I couldn’t understand anything in the last lesson. During two lessons I was confused about what we were doing because of the size of the class and noise in the classroom. I could not hear  my instructor’s instructions. I downloaded Delicious Dropbox but I didn’t know why I did that.

   I really liked ‘’Duolingo’’ It is quite informative. It is enjoyable, as well. Because it was supported with visual it makes the learning more permanent. Now I use it for learning French. I have already learned some new words. It will be very useful for me. Probably, I will spend my summer holiday with Duolingo.

   QrStuff may be facilitator but I don’t think that I can use with my students or I can say I couldn’t understand. I think that it is utopic a little.

   I liked Sokrative, as well. It provides opportunity for draw a graph, prepare a quiz. For this reason it is very useful and practical. Shortly after application we can see the results or at the same time.That is one of good functions of the website. It is an opprtunity for savings of the papers and time, as well. It can be use for competitive.But its reliability is low, I think.